Getting Help with QuickFIX/Go

Github Discussions

Our Github Discussions Board is free, public, and easily searchable. It’s the preferred method of user support from the QuickFIX/Go team.

Please provide as much detail as you can when asking a question, and include relevant configurations and code snippets.

FIX Protocol

More information about the FIX protocol can be found at the FIX Protocol website.

Bugs and Issues

Bugs and issues can be submitted by anyone through our GitHub repository issues list.

Note: Please do not submit questions or help requests to the issues list. It is for bugs and issues. If you need help, please use the Discussions board as described above and you’ll be able to send your question to the entire community.

GitHub Issues

Please provide sample code, logs, and a description of the problem when the issue is submitted.

We will try to address new issues as quickly as possible, and we welcome contributions for bug fixes and new features!

Commercial Support

Connamara Systems offers commercial support for developers who are integrating any of the QuickFIX implementations (Go, C++, Java, .NET). The support is offered in 10-hour bundles and grants developers access, via telephone or email, to the team that created QuickFIX/Go, QuickFIX/n, and are maintainers of QuickFIX.

In addition to offering QuickFIX support, Connamara delivers Made-To-Measure Trading Solutions by bridging the gap between buy and build. By using internally developed trading platform components, Connamara delivers the best of off-the-shelf ISV solutions and custom application development. Coupled Connamara’s unique licensing model, trading firms can get the best of both build and buy.